Go All In on your Out of Office

Do you feel like you are "always on" and "work-life balance" is a myth? 

Carpe Diem Traveler helps you be intentional with your time off so you avoid burnout and renew your zest for life through transformational travel.

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Vacation Chaser

You want (or NEED) a vacation, but you are so busy you can't even think about planning it. You want someone to take care of the details so you can simply enjoy it!

Sabbatical Seeker

You need a break - a REAL break - to restore your mind, body, and soul. You've got personal goals that you want to accomplish before life passes you by.

Long-Term Planner

You want to be intentional and make your time off a priority in your life so you don't lose yourself in work. You want to always have a trip to look forward to!

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Don't just seize the day. Seize every moment of your life.

It’s not uncommon to lose yourself while traveling down your career path.

But in order to go the distance professionally, it’s necessary to restore yourself, personally, by opening your mind and your schedule.

Too often we tell ourselves we shouldn’t take the vacation. Or we don’t need the time off.

Trying to prove to our peers that we can walk a career and life path without balance.

One Day or Day One. You Decide.
Out of Office Beach Hat

But in reality? 

You need that time away.

Those out of office days.

Because those are the days where your creative mind doesn’t have an off-switch, but your email does.

Where you rediscover your passions.

Hone in on your strengths.

And find yourself.

Virtual Voyages transport you to a new city and helps you...

  • Spark your sense of adventure and inspiration 
  • Create fond memories with loved ones
  • Learn about different cultures in a fun way
  • Give back to those in need during this crisis

Meet Susie

After taking a year long sabbatical from her consulting career and visiting all seven continents with her husband, she was inspired to plan transformative trips for other professionals. 

In 2016, Susie started Carpe Diem Traveler, which creates customized trips from weekend getaways to sabbaticals that save clients time, reduce stress, and maximizes the "life" in their work-life balance.

Susie Chau in Italy holding champagne

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