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If you have travel dreams, you deserve a travel plan. 

Of all of your life priorities, leisure time is one asset you can’t earn back. And before we know it, another great travel opportunity has slipped away.

It pays to collaborate with a seasoned expert to maximize your most precious non-renewable asset – your time.

Wanderlist is a travel portfolio that helps capture your dreams and prioritize what matters most – a clear path to mapping out your future travel possibilities.

Why live day-to-day when you can live trip-to-trip? 

Get started today!

What is Wanderlist?

What's In it For You

Wanderlist takes your disorganized bucket list that's swirling around in your head and transforms it into a clear roadmap of your future travels including...
  • Travel strategically by knowing the best times to travel and which order you should visit the destinations you dream of
  • Personalized budget for each trip based on your travel style and how many people are going
  • Curated content to inspire, enhance, and increase your anticipation for your travels
This means you can...
  • Discover insights from your loved ones that you never knew because you didn't ask. 
    • One Wanderlist user found out her young daughter wanted to go to Thailand - even though she's never mentioned it - because she saw a picture of her and her husband on their honeymoon in Thailand with elephants.
  • Be intentional with celebrating milestones, like birthdays and anniversaries.
    • Make these trips extra special by adding a personal touch. The insights you'll discover through the process will give you plenty of gems to work with. Even if you've been married for decades - you will still be surprised with what you learn!
  • Find out *exactly* how much money to set aside for travel.
    • Budgeting for big trips is always a struggle so this will tell you what to save for each trip. Your financial planner or the budgeter in the house will love you!!
  • Identify cost savings opportunities. 
    • By planning in advance, you could travel during shoulder season and/or combine a couple destinations together to save over 20%! That's big bucks!
  • Be proactive about using your days off so no PTO days go unused.
    • You'll see your trips planned on a calendar, so you can hand that over to your team well in advance. No one likes a last-minute PTO request! 
  • Get accountability of your leisure time to make the most of it.
    • How many times have you had a trip sort of planned, but then it got too last-minute and therefore too expensive, so you gave up on it? Don't let that happen again!
  • Uncover experiences you couldn't even dream of because you didn't know it was possible!
    • Hard to believe, but some things are still ungoogleable. The insights this process gives me can unlock doors with my partners all over the world to make a trip unforgettable and highly personalized.

How Wanderlist Works

How Wanderlist Works
Wanderlist is an annual membership. It's similar to working with a financial planner, but instead of managing your investments, I'm managing your leisure time that involves travel. My goals is to maximize that time to meet your specific travel goals and dreams.

To get started, I will set up your account on the Wanderlist online platform. You will go through a "curation" process where you'll indicate your individual preferences for visiting destinations around the world and the types of experiences you enjoy.

I will analyze the results and create a draft portfolio that we'll discuss in a meeting and tweak it as needed to fit your vision. 

Throughout the year, there will be quarterly check-ins to see if any changes are needed to your portfolio. You have access to the platform to browse experiences all over the world to get more inspiration to add to your portfolio.

Wanderlist Portfolio Trip Sequence
Wanderlist Destination Preferences
Wanderlist Financial Budget

Wanderlist Testimonials

Wanderlist Testimonials

What's Included

As a certified Wanderlist advisor, I am trained on how to use your travel portfolio to prioritize vacations most ideal for you now, plus map out your future possibilities.


✓ Customized portals for each traveler.

✓ Linked results to compare common interests.

✓ Explore over 160 destinations.

  • Watch videos. Listen to music. Read stories.
  • Discover new experiences tailored to your interests.
  • Find out the best times to visit.
  • Get lost for hours exploring our world.

✓Accessible by phone, tablet and computer.


✓ Annual plan.

✓ Work with a certified portfolio guide

✓ Ongoing portfolio monitoring and alerts:

  • Time to start planning next trip
  • Favorable savings opportunities
  • Curated stories and ideas
  • Safety notifications
  • Quarterly check-ins and annual review

✓ Access to expert travel advisors to assist with trips.


✓ Review, share and interpret traveler results.

✓ Map out future travel possibilities.


✓ Identify best travel dates by seasonality, value and personal schedules.

✓ Share savings opportunities.

✓ Forecast future travel investment levels.

✓ Online Travel Portfolio.

✓ Adjust plan as life needs change.


Traveler DNA snapshots

✓ Side-by-side traveler comparison charts:

  • Places in common
  • Interests in common
  • Travel preferences in common
  • Top 5 places and interests

✓ Savings analysis

✓ Calendar scheduling tools


✓ Virtuoso Hotel Privileges – Available in over 1,000 luxury hotels. Privileges may include, daily breakfast for two, $100 spa, dining or shopping credits, upgrade on arrival, and upgrade at time of booking at 75+ hotels.

✓ Virtuoso Cruise Privileges - Available on over 500 sailings. Choice of shipboard credits, private car & driver or exclusive shore event.

✓ Complimentary subscription to the award-winning Virtuoso Life magazine.

Want to Learn More?

Interested in learning more about how Wanderlist works and if it's a good fit for you? 

Let's talk! This is a highly personalized service, so it's important we discuss the details so you can feel confident in your decision to invest in planning out your leisure time in an intentional way.

Please schedule time on my calendar or email me directly at susie@carpediemtraveler.com with a few times you are available.

I look forward to talking with you about your future travels!

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