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Wanderlist FAQ


I have a holiday promotion with the best price my Wanderlist Planning Service will EVER be that ends on Friday, December 18th. 

I created a FAQ video to learn more about how it works and the immense value - and cost savings! - you will receive with Wanderlist...

What is Wanderlist?

It uses a fun and interactive tool and - with my help - it turns a messy bucket list into a clear roadmap of where you'll travel to the next few years, when the best time to go, and how much each trip will cost. This personalized plan takes the preferences of everyone you're traveling with into account.

Why do I need Wanderlist?

If 2020 taught us anything it's that no trip is guaranteed. But imagine if you had agreed upon priorities of places you plan to visit and know how much that will cost you to know what is realistic. So when you are comfortable booking travel, you are ready and know what you value the most so you can hit the road with confidence. And have something WAY more solid to look forward to to get you through this winter.

You may be thinking - I just take my bucket list and prioritize it right? There are a few things that Wanderlist can help with that may not do or cannot do on your own...

Wanderlist makes it SUPER easy for each person to have their voice heard equally - even kids can get involved. I take all the data as an unbiased 3rd party to make some decisions and create the plan. Wanderlist also has very specific trip estimates which can help you evaluate what is realistic based on your finances and how you like to travel.


Where do the travel estimates come from?

A ton of Virtuoso travel suppliers provided estimates by country and the average of those responses was taken. And the daily estimates per country are broken down by your travel style (3, 4, & 5 star experiences and accommodations.) And it also estimates flight costs based on your home airport so these are really solid estimates you can use to plan out your finances, especially for those really big trips.


How does it work?

First you will go through a curation process where you rate places you want to go and experiences you want to have using the Wanderlist tool. Then take all that data and some other factors to create a personalized roadmap of your prioritized trips over the next few years. We meet to review your plan, budgets, and insights. We can tweak it if needed.


How much time does it take?

The curation process takes anywhere from 20 mins to an hour (if you want to watch videos on each destination to learn more about a place). Then I do all the analysis. Once I've got a solid draft of your plan, then we have a 90 mins call. I'll share my key insights, review your plan and we discuss any questions you want.

So the total time investment is about 2 hours. Let's be honest, you probably won't be that busy in 2020/early 2021 so being "too busy" is not a good excuse. 2 hours of your time now will save you tons more hours of being lost on the internet trying to figure out where you can and want to travel next.


Are monthly payments available?

YES! Spreading out the payments makes it a lot more affordable. 2020 has been a hard year for a lot of you (myself included) so this is important to me. 

Can I give this as a gift?

YES! This makes such a meaningful gift especially this year after so many cancelled trips. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. It will give hope and anticipation to the travel lover in your life. If you want to give this as a gift let me know. i can do something special so there is something fun to unwrap.

How much does it cost? 

Until Friday, December18th it is $900. This will be the lowest price I will ever be offering it! You don't have to start the process right away.

This includes:

  • Personalized roadmap of approximately 7-8 trips over the next few years with specific dates and cost estimates
  • 90 minute call with me to review your roadmap and answer any travel questions you may have
  • Access to the Wanderlist tool that is filled with travel inspiration and useful information for one year
  • A complimentary annual subscription to Virtuoso Life magazine

To get this special price locked in, you just need to buy by Friday. To get started, email me at

What else can Wanderlist do for me?

It can help SAVE lots of money! For example, combining countries together strategically and how to allocate your travel dollars on what is most important to you. That cost savings analysis can save you WAY more that $900 if you consider one international plane ticket you may save on - let alone for a family! 

Real life example of cost savings... The husband wanted to go to Montenegro and the wife wanted to go to Croatia. First off, they never discussed this with each other (Wanderlist win!), but it's an obvious combo to do one trip to both countries!

It can also help you strategically save money towards those big trips so you can make them live up to your dreams. 

Align your expectations on how much it'll cost and how much you'd need to allocate to do the trips right. For example, one of my clients is a financial advisor and wants to fly business class to Australia. It's a very different internal conversation to set aside money monthly towards an amazing business class flight vs. a generic travel funds.

Wanderlist Platform Behind the Scenes

Trip Roadmap

Once I create your trip roadmap you’ll see where you’re going, proposed trip dates, & who is traveling with you. 

You'll see a few different views of your planned trips - you’ll have about 7-8 trips plotted out.

The calendar view is helpful for taking time off work. And you can see your planned trips on a map, which I love.

Travel Preference Comparisons

You can see where you want to go and how that compares with each of your travel companions. It has suggested country pairings and the best times to go to each destination.

You can also compare your preferences for travel experiences

Trip Cost Estimates

Estimates are automatically calculated based on a per person per day figure so you can assess how you’d like to budget for each trip.

Curated Destination & Experience Inspiration

You have curated info on countries all over the world to help you plan and inspire you - no need to get lost in the google black hole!

It has all the country details like trip costs, weather, best time to go, & amazing experiences you can have there.

You may find a new destination you’ve never considered before based on an experience you want to have!

Wanderlist Summary

All this gets created into a summary that can be turned into a nice coffee table book with all your future trips to look forward to. 

And it will be a great conversation starter when we actually start having people over to our homes again 🙂

Interested to learn more or purchase?

Simply email me at!


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