Travel Coaching Services

Save time, money, & reduce stress!

Do you love to travel, but are too busy or hate planning trips?


Travel planning and booking is cumbersome and overwhelming with the seemingly endless possibilities available online. According to a Expedia Media Solutions study, travelers visited 38 travel sites before purchasing a vacation package on an online travel agency site. And that’s after the person even knows where they want to go!

Just because you can plan and book travel on your own, doesn’t mean you have to. Hiring a Travel Coach is no different than outsourcing other tasks you don’t enjoy, don’t have enough time for, or aren’t an expert in (e.g. cleaning your house, doing your taxes, financial planning, etc.).

Between my extensive travel experience to all seven continents and my management consulting background, I am well-equipped to take on even the most challenging travel itineraries. My promise to you is that you get the best value for your dollar by using my services. You can’t travel for a year without being budget-conscious! I know where to find the best deals and will pass that knowledge on to you, so we can make sure you are allocating your money where you will personally benefit the most.

My travel coaching services will:


Save You Time

Save You Money

Reduce Stress

What services do you offer?

I offer a more hands-on and detailed approach than you may expect from a typical travel agent. I provide end-to-end travel services from helping you choose your destination to planning and booking your trip, with full support, or “coaching,” along the way.

I specialize in serving customers interested in international travel, multi-week trips, group travel, destination weddings, honeymoons, and long-term travel/career breaks.


I can help you determine what destination will be the best fit for your next trip by holding a brainstorming session and/or comparing the following factors for up to 3 destinations:

  • Costs (Flight, Hotel, Food)
  • Convenience
  • Weather
  • Activities


My planning services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Personalized Itinerary Creation
  • Logistics & Activity Recommendations
  • Maximizing Airline & Hotel Points
  • Preparation & Packing Advice
  • Money-Saving Tips


Due to my partnership with Tropical Blue Travel, I have access to special deals and can book the following items for you:

  • Flights
  • Accommodations
  • Car Rental
  • Multi-City Tours / Cruises
  • Day Trips / Activities

Customers will realize the maximum value for their money when bundling these services together for a trip. The more insight I have into your vision for the trip and what is most important to you when traveling, the better I can serve you.

I am offering any prospective customers a FREE 15 minute phone/Skype/FaceTime consultation where we’ll discuss your upcoming travel plans, interests, and preferences. At that time, I will assess how I can best serve you and explain any fees that may be incurred based on your personal needs. You have absolutely zero obligation to use my services as a result of the consultation. I love sharing my passion for travel with anyone that will listen!


Here is what my clients have to say about my services:

Susie prepared a five day New England itinerary for my family of four.  She took an area with an abundance of history and attractions and streamline it into a well planned itinerary leaving the option for spontaneity and flexibility.  Susie allowed me to enjoy our vacation more because she took the stress out of pre-planning by taking care of it for us!

Ann Lang

Susie is an expert in travel.  I learned about her extensive travel experience that included a year-round excursion around the world and thought to myself that she would be the best person to work with regarding traveling. Susie helped me coordinate logistics that included arrival, staying at multiple hotels, and discovering transportation options for Napa Valley. Susie’s deep travel expertise makes her a significant asset for the bewildered and inexperienced traveler.
Will Smith

It was an absolute pleasure working with Susie on an upcoming business trip.  She was extremely timely, as we went back and forth on my preferred travel times  I look forward to working with Susie again soon, ideally on a more exciting travel adventure.
Addie Pesche

Interested in learning more?

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