Travel at Home Waitlist

Are you looking to...

  • Fill the void that travel brings to your heart and mind
  • Revive your sense of adventure and inspiration 
  • Create memories and shared experiences with loved ones
  • Easily entertain and educate your children 
  • Connect with people in this time of social distancing
  • Give back to those in need during this crisis
  • Imagine receiving...

    • Travel Itinerary packed with ideas to virtually explore a country in a day - recipes to cook, educational videos for a variety of interests, craft ideas for kids, movie and book recommendations to make it super easy to create a memorable travel-themed experience at home.
    • Travel Guide to the country that you can use to start planning your future trip there.
    • Facebook Group Community access where members can connect with each other, share travel tips, and stories of how they put the "travel itinerary" into action.

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