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Don't just seize the day. Seize every moment of your life.

It’s not uncommon to lose yourself while traveling down your career path.

But in order to go the distance professionally, it’s necessary to restore yourself, personally, by opening your mind and your schedule. 

Too often we tell ourselves we shouldn’t take the vacation. Or we don’t need the time off.

Trying to prove to our peers that we can walk a career and life path without balance.

One Day or Day One. You Decide.
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But in reality?

You need that time away.

Those out of office days. 

Because those are the days where your creative mind doesn’t have an off-switch, but your email does.

Where you rediscover your passions.

Hone in on your strengths.

And find yourself.

Banish burnout and reignite your creativity

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Carpe Diem Traveler is a sabbatical consultancy who helps high achieving leaders, and the teams that support them, step out of their routine and into life-changing travel experiences that enable confidence, clarity and renewed zest for life.

About Susie Chau

As a classic high-achiever, Susie put too much pressure on herself to climb the corporate ladder like she was “supposed” to. But after too many cries in the office bathroom, Susie knew she needed a break, not just a vacation.
She took her first month long sabbatical in 2008 and returned back to work with more confidence, clarity, and energy than when she left. Susie realized it was what she needed to bring her best self to work.
Since then, she’s taken 3 more sabbaticals, including a yearlong career break with her husband where they visited all 7 continents.
Susie is passionate about helping others push the reset button in their crazy-busy, stressed out lives, so that they can pursue their biggest dreams and become better leaders. She's planned trips for over 200 people to all 7 continents.
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