Curious about river cruising?

When cruising on one of Europe's most popular rivers, the Rhine or Danube, you can experience breathtaking scenery and explore a new picturesque town each day, all while unpacking only once. 

River cruising is a truly stress-free vacation where your hardest decision each day is what to eat for dinner! 

However, there are TONS of cruise options on these rivers. It's easy to be overwhelmed. 

How do you know which one is right for you??

Save yourself a gajillion hours surfing Google and take this 2 minute quiz below to find out! 

About this Quiz

This quiz will tell you which of the 12 AmaWaterways' itineraries sailing on the Rhine and Danube rivers listed below is best for you:

  • 1
    Enchanting Rhine
  • 2
    Captivating Rhine
  • 3
    Rhine & Moselle Delights
  • 4
    Rhine & Moselle Fairytales
  • 5
    Rhine & Moselle Splendors
  • 6
    Europe's Rivers & Castles
  • 7
    Medieval Treasures
  • 8
    Legendary Danube
  • 9
    Blue Danube Discovery
  • 10
    Melodies of the Danube
  • 11
    Romantic Danube
  • 12
    Gems of Southeast Europe

Note: This list doesn't include four other Christmas cruise itineraries on the Rhine or Danube rivers.

Rhine or Danube River Cruise

Just like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, your answers determine the next question you see in this quiz. This will give you personalized results quickly. 

Why AmaWaterways?

Half the battle is figuring out what river cruise line to go on.

You've probably seen the Viking river cruise commercials on TV, but there are over ten other river cruise lines that operate in Europe.

They each have their pros and cons, so it's important to find the right cruise line for your preferences and budget.

It's important to not just compare prices. There can be big differences in what each cruise line includes in their advertised price and the level of service you receive. 

For example, if you were considering going on Viking, I'd also recommend looking at AmaWaterways. 

Although the price is a bit higher, AmaWaterways offers more inclusions so you get more value for your money. You don't have to pay extra for special excursions, there are less passengers on board, and more amenities like a spa and bikes on all their ships.

Overall, I would consider Viking a four-star experience whereas AmaWaterways is five-stars. 

Even if you want to travel on a different cruise line, this quiz will help you determine which river and destinations will interest you the most. 

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