OK, I’ll admit, that is a total clickbait title. I may not have the FULL answer to that question, but I can tell you that planning and taking your PAID Time Off has a big impact on your overall happiness and the likelihood of you getting a promotion and bonus. Check out the below stats from Project: Time Off’s State of American Vacation 2017 study that proves that point.


Planners are more likely to take all their PTO days, take longer vacations, and feel more supported at work when they take time off.


Employees who forfeit their vacation days are also significantly more stressedwith work and more susceptible to the fears that stop them from taking time off (e.g. “no one else can do my job,” “I don’t want to appear replaceable,” “I want to show complete dedication to this job,” etc).

Clearly, being a “work martyr” and never taking a vacation doesn’t pay off in the end. So take some time to plan out how you’ll use your PTO days this year so you can be happier and have a better chance for a promotion and bonus!

The good news is that you get a fresh start every year for using your allotted PTO days. It’s important to take time to plan out your days off and be intentional about how you use them so you get the most out of your vacation time.

I’ve stepped you through selecting a destination and budgeting for your trip, so now it’s time to make that plan real by plotting out the dates and scheduling the PTO!

Project: Time Off has a handy Vacation Planning Tool where you enter in your number of PTO days and plot it out on the calendar.


Do you know any companies that want their employees to be better at planning their time off and therefore be happier, less stressed, and more focused at work?

In exciting news, I’ve partnered with Monica Sehgal at RB FIT, who is a certified personal trainer AND nutritionist, and we are starting a corporate speaking series!

Together, we aim to empower and motivate professionals to elevate their lives, both inside and outside the office. We will provide strategies and resources that guide employees through the process of setting fitness, nutrition, and vacation goals and sticking with those plans.

Simply comment below or contact me with any ideas of companies that may be interested in bringing us in to talk. It could be your company, your friend or family member’s company, etc. Bonus points if the company has an Unlimited PTO and/or Sabbatical program in place!