Meghan & Rodney's Wedding

February 17, 2018 - Windjammer Landing in St. Lucia

Windjammer Landing

The Resort – Windjammer Landing

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort is a Mediterranean style village draped along 60 acres of St. Lucia’s northwestern coast. With 6 resort-wide swimming pools, a selection of signature restaurants and bars, a spa and fitness center, water sports programs and kids’ fun club, this resort offers a unique Caribbean experience that allows everyone to enjoy the perfect getaway.

Located on one of the largest crescent-shaped secluded beaches on the island, Windjammer Landing covers over 175 hillside units ranging from 1 – 5 bedrooms, and is designed to offer its guests the most stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

Room Options

The Windjammer Landing offers a wide variety of room choices to fit your needs. There are limited quantities of each room type, so if you would like a specific room type, we suggest you place your deposit down as soon as possible!

Room Type Room Description Maximum Occupancy Square Footage Bed Options
Premium Ocean View

One Bedroom with ensuite bathroom. Ocean view from rooftop sun deck. Hillside location.

2 560 sq.ft 1 queen-sized bed
Island Villa (1 Bedroom) One bedroom villa with ensuite bathroom, living room, kitchen, private patio and balcony. Hillside location. No pool. 2 1,124 – 1,875 sq.ft 1 king or 1 queen-sized bed and sofa bed in living room
2 Bedroom Ocean View Interconnecting Ocean View and Premium Ocean View rooms. Hillside location. 4 985 sq.ft 1 queen-sized and your choice of 2 twins or 1 queen-sized bed in the other room
2 Bedroom Beach Villa Two bedroom villa with Master and second bedroom. Option of an open air or fully enclosed living and dining area, kitchen, terrace with ocean view and plunge pool. Hillside location. 4 1,875 – 2,350 sq.ft 1 king and 2 twin-sized beds and sofa bed in living room of the fully enclosed villas
3 Bedroom Beach Villa Option of an open air or fully enclosed living, dining and kitchen area. Ocean view terrace and plunge pool. Each bedroom has its own private ensuite bathroom. Hillside location. 6 2,375 – 3,357 sq.ft 1 king, 1 queen and 2 twin sized beds and sofa bed in living room of the fully enclosed villas
4 Bedroom Beach Villa Open air living and dining room area, kitchen, ocean view terrace and plunge pool. Each bedroom has its own private ensuite bathroom. Hillside location. 8 3,600 – 4,200 sq.ft 2 kings, 1 queen and 2 twin-sized beds or 2 kings, and 4 twin-sized beds
Premium Ocean View Room Patio
Windjammer Landing Room Pictures
Windjammer Landing Room Descriptions
Windjammer Landing St. Lucia Villas

Room Pricing

The rates that have been secured for the group are ALL-INCLUSIVE. There are a lot of benefits that come with all-inclusive pricing as outlined below:

All Inclusive Amenities at the Windjammer Landing

Because the rates secured for the group are ALL-INCLUSIVE (including meals, drinks, etc), the pricing for the room is based on the number of people staying in your desired room type. The group rates below are valid from February 14, 2018 – February 21, 2018.

Prices listed below are per adult per night in US Dollars. For example, if you would like the Premium Room for 2 adults, that room will be a total of $558.48 per night ($279.24 x2).

Room Type All-Inclusive Price Per Adult Per Night (USD)
1 Adult Adults 3 Adults Adults Adults Adults Adults Adults
Premium Ocean View $429.00  $279.24
Island Villa (1 Bedroom) $511.68  $319.80
2 Bedroom Ocean View N/A  N/A $302.39 $259.20
2 Bedroom Beach Villa $878.28  $503.88 $377.52 $315.12
3 Bedroom Beach Villa $853.31  $481.32 $428.78 $355.19    $310.39    $280.00
4 Bedroom Beach Villa $1,054.37  $593.58 $438.38 $363.19    $316.79    $286.39    $263.99    $246.40

Children are welcome at the resort. Below are the rates based on the child’s age:

  • Age 4 – 12 years = $78 per child per night
  • Age 13 – 17 years = $109.20 per child per night

In order to calculate the room total with a child, you will take the pricing in the rate table above for the total number of adults that will be in the room and then you will add the child price based on the child’s age above.

Windjammer Landing St. Lucia Activities
Windjammer Landing St. Lucia Kids Activities
Windjammer Landing St. Lucia Dining


There are two airports in St. Lucia – Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) in the southern part of the island and George F.L. Charles (SLU) in the northern part of the island. SLU is about 20 minutes from Windjammer Landing, while UVF is about 1.5 hours from Windjammer Landing. Most international flights will arrive into UVF.

We may get group flights contracted for Chicago and Detroit for February 15 through February 20 since there will likely be more than 10 people flying on the same flights together down to St. Lucia from those destinations on those recommended days.

If you would like more information on the group flight option or assistance with booking your flight, please indicate that on the booking form and I will reach out to you directly with details.

Airport Transfers

UVF Airport 

As mentioned above, you will most likely fly into UVF airport. Below are contracted rates, so if you are interested in booking a transfer (highly recommended!), please indicate that on your booking form and I will work with you to coordinate with other guests if you are interested in a group transfer.

  • One Way Shared Multi-stop (i.e. stops at multiple resorts) – US$47.50/person
  • One Way Standard Private Transfer – US$118.00 for 1 or 2 people
  • One Way Group Transfer is US$35.40/person with a minimum of 6 passengers (starts at US$212.40 total depending on the size vehicle)

SLU Airport

The cost of a taxi to and from SLU Airports to Windjammer Landing Resort for one to four people at any given time is approximately US$25 each way. For groups consisting or more than 4 persons, transfers cost approximately US$8 per person.


Optional Excursions & St. Lucia Travel Guides

We will have optional excursions and activities planned for you to take advantage of Friday, Sunday, and Monday including attending the local Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party, a catamaran ride, and a tour of St. Lucia. More details to come on the excursions, but you may want to plan your dates around these activities to be able to fully enjoy your time on the beautiful island of St. Lucia!

For more travel details and inspiration to get you excited for your trip to St. Lucia, please visit, Travel + Leisure’s St. Lucia Travel Guide, and Fodor’s St. Lucia Travel Guide.


Travel Requirements & Notices for St. Lucia

US Citizens – Your passport must be valid for 6 months at time of entry into the country and one blank page for a passport stamp. A visa is not required.

Canadian Citizens – Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months at time of departure from the country. A visa is not required for stays less than 42 days.

Trinidad & Tobago Citizens – A visa is not required for a maximum stay of 6 weeks. Please check with your government for more details. I was unable to find an official government website with detailed entry/exit requirements for Trinidad and Tobago citizens traveling to St. Lucia.

***Be sure to check your passports to ensure it is valid for at least 6 months after the trip and has a blank page to be on the safe side. If you need a new passport, no worries, you can still place your room deposit, but it is recommended that you leave plenty of time to get a new passport prior to your departure for the wedding!

Please visit the CDC website for St. Lucia to review the health-related information about the country. Zika is a risk on the island of St. Lucia. Because Zika infection in a pregnant woman can cause serious birth defects, women who are pregnant should not travel to Saint Lucia. All travelers should strictly follow steps to prevent mosquito bites and sexual exposure to Zika virus during and after the trip. If you have any medical questions, please consult your doctor.


In order to confirm your desired room for the wedding, please review the below payment schedule:

Deadline Payment Amount
May 31, 2017 $150 per person deposit due
August 11, 2017 $550 per person deposit due
October 27, 2017 Final Payment due

If you prefer, you can choose to make your room payment in full OR set up monthly payments. If you would like to set up monthly payments, there is a $25 processing fee.

No refunds will be available after October 27th unless you previously purchased insurance – see details below.


Since you will be booking this trip far in advance, it is highly recommended that you purchase insurance in order to protect your investment for traveling to Meghan and Rodney’s wedding. Classic Vacations, who is processing your payments to the resort, offers a group protection plan with per person rates listed below based on your trip cost.

Please note that in order to be eligible for the “cancellation for ANY reason” coverage, you MUST purchase the insurance within 14 days of placing your initial deposit.  

The Classic Vacations Group Protection Plan is available to US residents only. If you are not a US resident and interested in purchasing insurance, I can provide other insurance coverage quotes to meet your needs.

If you are interested in purchasing insurance, please check “Accept” on the booking form and I will contact you with additional details.

Please note that insurance is bought individually, so if for example you are sharing a multi-room villa, not all people in the villa need to purchase insurance.

Classic Vacations Group Insurance

How to Book

In order to book, please click on the button below to fill out the form with your contact details, room preference, and credit card details to process your deposit payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I arrive and how long should I stay?

We recommend arriving Friday, February 16th at the latest so you can safely make it to the wedding on Saturday, February 17th. Arriving Thursday, February 15th would be advised just in case there are any flight issues or cancellations. Although it should be beautiful in St. Lucia at that time of the year, most of us know all too well the havoc a winter storm can have on air travel in the North!

Since it’s a long journey for most of you in the US and Canada and you’ll want a nice winter escape at that time of year, 5 nights or more would give you a good amount of relaxation (and recovery!) time on the island. Leaving home on Thursday, February 15th and departing St. Lucia on Tuesday, February 20th would give you 3 full days of fun in the sun in addition to the wedding festivities on the 17th.

Is there an advantage for putting my deposit down early?

YES, absolutely! The resort has a lot of different room types and unfortunately limited quantities of each type, so the early bird gets the worm. The best way to snatch your preferred room type is to place your deposit as soon as possible.

What happens if my desired room is no longer available?

I will reach out to you and let you know that there is no longer availability in that room type and present alternative options and pricing for you to choose from.

What happens if I have to cancel after October 27th?

It depends on if you purchased insurance or not and when you purchased insurance. If you didn’t purchase insurance, then you will not receive a refund for any of the payments you have previously made. If you purchased insurance with Classic Vacations within 14 days of your initial deposit, then you will be able to get a refund of 75% of what you already paid and you are canceling more than 48 hours prior to departure for any reason or a 100% refund if you have to cancel due to a covered reason. If you purchased insurance after 14 days from your initial deposit, then you would get a refund if it is for a covered reason for canceling, but if the reason for canceling is NOT covered then you would not get reimbursed.

Yes, it’s complicated. The best solution is to purchase insurance within 14 days of putting your initial deposit down in order to give you piece of mind in case something happens!

How do I figure out the price of the hotel if a child is in the room?

Look at the pricing table based on the number of adults that will be staying in the room and then add the child rate based on the age of the child to get the total price.

When is the last day I can book a hotel room? What if I won't know until last minute if I can go?

Like any hotel, you can technically book last minute, however we can’t guarantee the group rates listed on this page after October 27th. We highly recommend that you place your initial deposit to secure your desired room as soon as possible because there are limited quantities of each room type and February is high season in St. Lucia. The longer you wait to book, likely the higher rate you’ll have to pay!

How does the group flight work?

If there are more than 10 people interested in taking the same exact round trip flight to St. Lucia, then a group flight can be coordinated. At this point, this may be a possibility from Chicago and Detroit from February 15 through February 20.

Flight prices are high since the date is so far out, however we will monitor flight prices and contact those individuals that indicate they are interested in more details on the booking form.

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee a specific percentage or dollar amount discount on the group flight at this time.

What happens if I don't book a room at this resort?

You can still attend the wedding if you don’t book a room at the Windjammer Landing. However, you will not be able to take advantage of extra time relaxing with Meghan, Rodney, and the other guests in the resort before or after the wedding as well as the optional excursion (unless you can coordinate transportation to and from the resort). It is highly advised to book a room at the resort so you do not have to deal with logistics on the island – it will make for a much smoother and stress-free experience for your vacation to St. Lucia.

What do I do if I want to stay in a multi-room villa but need roommates?

You can fill out the Villa Roommate Request Form to include what type of villa you would like to book, how many additional roommates you are looking for, and your desired dates. Please note that the sign up sheet does not guarantee your desired room. A multi-room villa will only be reserved once all parties in the villa submit their booking form and provide their Credit Card information.

What if I do not know if a guest will be joining me or not?

If you think you’ll know if a guest will be joining you before October 27th, then I recommend reserving a room for 2 adults now because we can add the name to the reservation once that is confirmed. However, if you do NOT think you’ll know if a guest will be joining you until after October 27th, then I would recommend making a reservation for a single adult in your own room for now. Another guest can be added, however the group rates cannot be guaranteed after October 27th.

Why are there multiple deposit deadlines?

The deposits are driven by the hotel’s deposit deadlines to secure the amount of rooms needed for the group.

Why do I need to book through a travel agent?

You need to book through me to give the hotel a cohesive view of the entire group that is on property for Meghan and Rodney’s wedding. It allows them to manage the group and provide extra attention to members of the group while you are on site. Plus, it’s very doubtful you could find a better rate than those negotiated based on the estimated group size for those dates in February, which is high season at the resort. Travel Agents give you extra support prior to travel and while you are traveling that online booking tools can’t provide!

Susie Chau

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions!


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