Group Services

Are you interested in organizing a group trip to…

REUNITE your multi-generational family?

CELEBRATE a milestone birthday with your friends?

EDUCATE your organization/club in a unique way?

Benefits of Group Travel


Discounted group rates and/or free passenger discounts a specified number of people booking into the group


Room/cabin upgrades for a specified number of people booking into the group

VIP Treatment

Free private group events/tours & special attention for the group

If you work with me, the good news is that one or two group members don’t have to do all the planning and group coordination! I handle the following items to ensure your group trip is a success:

How I Serve Groups



I do the research to find the best hotel/cruise/tour based on the groups interests and preferences


I negotiate with the supplier on your behalf to secure the best value for the group


Group Communications

I communicate with the group, including payment deadline and other reminders

Booking & Payments

I manage the bookings and process the payments for the group



I prepare group members for what to expect on the trip and provide all necessary documentation



I provide support for questions or issues prior to the trip and while the group is traveling

Each hotel/resort, cruise line, and tour company has their own minimums for what qualifies as a group. A lot of travel suppliers require 15 or 20 people (8-10 room) minimums, but if you’re traveling with at least 10 people it’s worth exploring the possibilities of forming a group.

Similar to individuals, Carpe Diem Traveler serves groups in two ways:

  • Customized Trips – Best for those looking for the full end to end trip planning experience for a trip tailored just for the group
  • A La Carte Trips – Best for those looking to join a group tour, cruise, or looking for select services (e.g. hotel booking only)

Customized Group Trips

If you’re looking to create a truly unique experience for your group, then working with me to create a customized trip is the way to go.

Due to my connections with travel partners all over the world, I have the ability to coordinate experiences that you simply cannot find online such as a cooking class with the chef of a Michelin starred restaurant or a behind the scenes visit at Gucci’s offices in Florence, to name a couple examples.

Very similar to the Individual Customized Trips, I would create a unique itinerary that suits the interests of the group and provide end-to-end travel services including research and booking flights, accommodations, activities, ground transportation, and trip insurance.

A La Carte Group Trips

If you are looking to coordinate a group cruise, all-inclusive resort, pre-packaged multi-day guided tour, then I would work with you to hone in on the best hotel/cruise/tour to suit the interests and preferences of the group.

I understand the possibilities are overwhelming, so having a professional guide you through the process can put you and the rest of the group at ease, feel confident in your decisions, and excited about the trip.

Let's Get Started!

Here's how the process works to get you traveling on your dream trip:


Let's Talk

1. Getting to Know Each Other

Once you schedule a meeting with me, I will send you a quick pre-call questionnaire so I can get to know more about your interests, preferences, and what your needs are for your next trip before we talk. I know you're busy, so I want to make the most of our time together.


Let's Plan

2. Planning Out the Details

After our meeting,  I will provide you with re-cap along with a personalized Trip Design Fee quote based on the services you desire and the duration and complexity of your trip.

Once the Trip Design Fee has been paid, I will pull together and present to you a proposed itinerary including accommodations, experiences, logistics, and any other components we agreed upon in our initial meeting. My goal is to make this part as easy and stress-free as possible for you!


Let's Book

3. Making the Final Touches

Once we finalize the trip itinerary, I will book the components we agree upon and the necessary payments will be made to confirm your bookings.

I will consolidate all of your booking confirmations, vouchers, and daily itinerary together so you have all the information you need packaged up to have a stress-free trip. I am here to help with any questions you have as you prepare for your trip.

Let's Go!

4. Carpe Diem!

Enjoy the trip of your dreams!

I'll be there for you in case you have questions or need assistance on your trip, so you can rest easy that you are in good hands.