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32 Best Gifts for Travelers in 2019 for Every Budget


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Are you already starting to get anxious about figuring out what to give everyone you love this holiday season?

Don't worry, I've got you covered! 

I'm super excited to share this gift guide with a little something for all the travel enthusiasts in your life at a mix of price points to fit every budget!

No really, over half of this list are gifts under $30!

Like the sound of that? Keep on reading!

Packing Cubes

If you've followed me for any amount of time, then you know my deep love of packing cubes! I cannot travel without them.

I was a hater for a long time - they seemed so unnecessary. But trust me on this - once you try them you will never go back! 

From weekend trips to sabbaticals and from backpacks to giant suitcases - they make packing magic happen! 

I love the eBags brand and on most trips I use 2 medium cubes (one for tops and one for bottoms) and 2 slim cubes (for underwear, socks, bras, and bathing suits). These fit perfectly stacked in my carry on with room to spare.

The small size would be good for kids clothes and the large size may be necessary for tall individuals.

Click each size to see available colors.

P.S. Packing Cubes make AMAZING White Elephant gifts 😉

There are multi-size packs too. I haven't personally tried the hyper-lite weight version, but you may want to consider that if you are either a heavy packer that gets close to the weight limit on flights or if you are doing some backpacking.

Make Your Own Red Eye Flight Amenity Kit

Even if you don't fly first or business class doesn't mean you can't have the same amenities!

I ALWAYS bring ear plugs, a sleep mask, and neck pillow with me on a red eye flight.

Ear Plugs - You'd be amazed how game changing ear plugs can be to help you sleep on a flight for the cost of just a few cents per plug. This is a necessity unless you have good noise cancelling headphones.

Sleep Mask - I like the ones that are raised over the eyes so they don't smash your eyelashes/eye makeup in flight. Plus, I think they are better at blocking light, which is key when they turn on the cabin lights.

Neck Pillow - I personally use an inflatable neck pillow so it doesn't take up much space in my bag when I'm not using it compared to the memory foam pillows. 

The air pressure on the plane can impact how full the pillow gets, but that slight inconvenience is still worth it for the space savings since I'm all about that carry on life, even for long trips! 

The neck pillow featured below comes with a set of ear plugs and a sleep mask so you get 3 in 1!

If you want to go the non-inflatable route, I've heard amazing things about the TRTL pillow. Plus, this isn't as bulky since it's only structured on one side.

There is a more advanced version of the TRTL pillow where you can adjust the height of the neck support.

In-Flight Essentials

For every flight, I always travel with a water bottle that I refill once I get through security. This way I avoid overpriced airport water and don't have to rely on flight attendants to keep hydrated. 

Planes are often cold, so traveling in layers are key. I especially like having a versatile scarf that dresses up my airplane look and can double as a blanket if needed.

I just ordered this Lululemon scarf that was a recommendation from my friend, Kerrie. She loves it so much that she has several. I was sold as soon as I saw it could become a cardigan!

Noise cancelling headphones are another in-flight luxury to block out Chatty Cathy's and crying babies. I'm all about wireless, but remember that to connect to seat back entertainment, you'll need to remember your wire!

I don't own these Sony headphones but I've read they are the best all around and especially at high altitudes. You can find refurbished pairs for at least a $100 less in black and silver.

No seat back entertainment? No problem! Jan travels with this kickstand for his Kindle that he stands up on the tray table for easy viewing. It folds up super small when not in use.

Bonus purchase is headphone splitters if you want to watch something together!

Travel Electronics

While we're talking about electronics, don't forget these essentials:

Travel power strip - You will thank me when you arrive to your hotel room that mysteriously only has one outlet but you need to charge 5 things! 

Universal Adapter - A must for international travel. Instead of individually purchasing adapters for each country you are traveling to, save yourself the guesswork and buy a universal adapter (or several!). The one below also has 4 USB chargers!

Long USB cord - This is a lifesaver for when that one outlet in your hotel is conveniently located on the other side of the room, but you want your phone next to you at night! Here's a solution for Android users.

External charger - For long days out and about taking photos with your phone, your battery may get low so having a good back up charge will make sure you don't miss capturing the moment!

Road Trip!

If you will be taking a road trip, especially if you are renting a car, then be sure to pack these items:

Car Charger - A lot of rental cars may have just one USB charger in the car, so having a cigarette lighter charger has been clutch (pun intended). I'm a fan of one with 2 USB ports.

Phone Holder - Not all rentals have great GPS systems, so if you'll be using your phone for directions, then bring a small phone holder that clips into the car vent.

Car Seat / Stroller - If you have kids, this car seat turned stroller is a HUGE win for versatility, especially if you are flying and then driving. You don't have to wait for a gate-checked stroller and one less bulky item to lug around is a blessing!

Traveling in Style

JetKids Box - If you are traveling with a toddler and not springing for a premium cabin, then you can create a lay flat bed in economy! If this purchase gives you more precious quiet time on a plane, then it is more than worth the investment! Plus, it's fun for your little one to hop on and ride when you aren't in the air.

Foldable Duffle Bag - If you will be shopping in style in your destination, I recommend packing a foldable duffle bag that you can fill on your way home. Folded, this takes up very little room, but it fits up to 40 pounds when full, so shop 'til you drop!

Travel Skin Care Gift Set - flying dries your skin out, especially in the winter, so this travel sized gift set is perfect to give...or give to yourself 😉

Eco-Friendly Beauty Bar Set - If you are maxed out on your allotted carry-on liquid allowance, consider using bars for shampoo, conditioner, face and body wash. Bonus - it is eco-friendly by reducing the use of plastics! If you want more earth-conscious products, search "zero waste" in Google or Amazon.

Camera Gear

Lens Kit for Phone - For those of you that use your phone for all your travel photos, try this small lens kit to take your photos to the next level. It comes with telephoto, macro, wide angle, and fish eye lenses that you clip onto your phone. It also comes with a mini tripod and bluetooth remote, which is perfect for getting the group shot.

GorillaPod - My husband Jan loves the GorillaPod tripod for traveling. It is WAY smaller than a normal tripod and can wrap around anything to get the right - and stable - shot. Make sure you order the version that will support the weight of your camera plus your heaviest lens. The one pictured below supports 6.6 lbs, but there are also ones for 2.2 lbs and 11 lbs.

Mirrorless Camera - If you want a solid camera without the heavy weight and bulk of a typical SLR, check out a mirrorless camera. Although Jan is partial to his trusty Canon 6D, we have the Olympus mirrorless camera pictured below, which is great for travel.

GoPro - If you are an adrenaline junkie, especially if that involves water sports, then a GoPro is a solid investment to capture your adventures. Although we have an older model, it's really fun to play around with. 

Small but Mighty

Last but not least, here are a few more gift ideas for the travel lover in your life...

RFID Blocking Passport Holder - Protect your passport, organize your cards and cash, and show your style in this handy passport holder that comes in a rainbow of colors at a VERY affordable price. I just ordered one for my upcoming trip and it fits even the thickest of passports.

Travel Notebook - It never hurts to have a small notebook on hand for when you get inspired to capture your amazing travel memories. 

Sound Machine - For those of you that can't sleep well outside your own bed, this sound machine was recommended by a friend and is the perfect size for travel.

Bluetooth Speaker - For the music lovers in your life, this super tiny speaker will travel anywhere you want to go and keep the tunes pumping. 

Giving Back

'Tis the season for giving, so consider these gifts that not only will delight but also do some good in the world...

Me to We - your loved ones won’t just unwrap a gift, they’ll unwrap education, water, health, food and opportunity for a family or community. They offer unique products from coffee to fairtrade chocolate to beautiful handmade jewelry. I learned about them because they also run trips with a volunteer component for We Charity.

LSTN The Satellite Speakers - This travel-sized bluetooth speaker packs a punch. Plus, every LSTN purchase helps give hearing aids through Starkey Hearing Foundation. They've helped over 30,000 people so far!

Santorini Silk Scarf - A girl's education is of the upmost importance, which is why 55% of Bloom & Give's profits goes to programs that send young ladies to school. The grassroots program is run by the non-profit Educate Girls, and they've enrolled 100,000 out-of-school girls in India.

Turquoise Awali Bracelet - This turquoise and gold bracelet is a chic way to support their worthy cause. Bird & Stone's socially-conscious jewelry line partners with the Sisi Fund to provide financial help to widowed women starting their own businesses in Kenya. 

These products are just the tip of the iceberg. Google "charitable gift ideas" and you'll get TONS of inspiration to fit your gift giving needs AND philanthropic desires!

I hope this list helped you check some gifts off your list! Let me know your favorite items in the comments below!


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